19 – Light Through Darkness


Chapter Study Questions

1. People whom God uses to do a special work often don’t fully understand His purposes. What is an illustration of this truth (344:2, 3)?

2. Aside from the natural limitations of the human mind, what condition has frequently led to a failure, even by God’s servants, to comprehend His messages (344:4)?

3. Note the following parallels between the experience of the disciples and the experience of those who, prior to 1844, preached the message of the sec-ond advent: (1) a similar message based on the same prophetic period; (2) minds blinded by long-established errors; (3) a correct calculation of timing, but a misunderstanding of the nature of the event; (4) fulfillment of the will of God; (5) disappointment, later overruled for good; (6) prayer and study leading to light and understanding (345:1–352:3).

4. In what ways did the Advent message, and the disappointment, test and purify the church (353:1–354:2)?