21 – A Warning Rejected


Chapter Study Questions

1. What was Miller’s attitude toward the establishment of a new religious denomination? How did the proclamation of the advent message affect the growth of the churches? 375:1, 2 [429:1, 2]

2. What changed conditions led to the separation of many Adventists from their former churches? 376:1 [430:1]

3. How would the spirituality of the churches logically be affected by the dismissal or withdrawal of such members as loved Christ’s appearing? What contemporary testimony corroborates “a sudden and marked” declension in spiritual life? 376:2-377:2 [430:2-451:2]

4. What tragic results follow the deliberate rejection of Bible truth? How is this principle illustrated in the Jewish people in Christ’s day, and since? 377:3-378:2 [431:3-432:2]

5. What was the design of the first angel’s message, and what blessed results were experienced by those who accepted it? 379:1-3 [433:1-3]

6. What were the reasons that led to a general prejudice against and unbelief in the advent message? What did its rejection involve? 380:1, 2 [434:1, 2]

7. How is the term “Babylon” as used in the book of Revelation, shown to be a Symbol of an unfaithful church? and what Scriptures identify this church with Rome? 381:1-382:3 [434:3-436:2]

8. Who are the “daughters,” and what facts show that they are the ones especially referred to in the second angel’s message? 382:3- 385:1 [436:3-439:1]

9. How do the present standards of the popular churches com-

pare with the ideals of their founders? 385:2-388:1 [439:2-442:3]

10. What is symbolized by the “wine”? How may the Bible be as effectively prohibited by subtlety as by edict? 388:2-389:1 [443:1-3]

11. What is the relation of the announcement of the fall of Baby- lon in Revelation 14:8 and in chapter 18:4, 5? Do the conditions as they have developed during the half century since this was written confirm the forecast then made? 389:2, 3 [444:1, 2]

12. As we near the climax of the modern apostasy, what hopeful view is given to encourage missionary activity? 390:2, 3 [445:1, 2]