24 – In the Holy of Holies


Chapter Study Questions

1. How did light from the “sanctuary” explain the disappoint- ment of 1844? What two scriptures, both prominent in the move- ment, were found to be parallel in meaning? 423:1-424:1 [483:1- 484:1]

2. What “coming of Christ” other than His second advent to earth was seen by the prophet Daniel? by Malachi? Following this coming, what work of purification of the Church was seen by Malachi, followed by the Second Advent and the execution of the judgment? 424:2-426:1 [484:2-486:2]

3. With further light on the parable of the wise and foolish vir- gins, when was it seen that the midnight cry was given? What two classes of virgins were then developed? What is represented by the coming of the bridegroom? the marriage? the marriage supper? the bride? the guests? the return from the wedding? 426:3-427:1 [486:3-487:1]

4. What class of believers went in with Christ to the marriage? In what parable did Jesus teach that there would be an investigation of the guests who had gone in, but before the actual marriage? What will mark the close of probation? 427:2-428:2 [487:2-489:2]

5. In the transition period, before the sanctuary work was under- stood, what was believed to be meant by the shutting of the door in the parable of the virgins? What Scripture now revealed to them the “open door”? 429:1-430:1 [490:1-491:1]

6. What parallel is drawn between the Jews who rejected light that would have led them to see Jesus’ ministry in the holy place in the heavenly sanctuary, and those who were willingly ignorant of His entrance into the most holy place in 1844? 430:2-431:2 [492:1-493:1]

7. God could lead His people no faster than they could intelli- gently follow, as their minds were illuminated by the Holy Spirit as they diligently and prayerfully studied the Word. They could only follow one step at a time in the advancing light and these was a period of a few years, between the disappointment and the full development of the fundamental doctrines now held by Seventh-day Adventists. This period and the results of their patience and faith are set forth in contrast with those who renounced their faith in God’s leadership and guidance in the Advent Movement. 431:3 [493:3]