25 – God’s Law Immutable


Chapter Study Questions

1. What did John declare would be seen when the temple of God was opened in heaven? To what time must this apply? How did the acceptance of the Sabbath by the truth-seeking Adventists fulfil this prediction? 433:1-434:3 [495:1-497:1]

2. What was the hidden reason for opposition to the truth that revealed Christ’ ministry in the most holy place? 435:1 [697:2]

3. What are the characteristics of the people prepared for Christ’s coming by the three-fold message of Revelation 14? How is the first message shown to be a call to keep God’s commandments? Which commandment stressed God as the Creator? How would universal Sabbath keeping have preserved the world from idolatry and atheism? 435:2-437:2 [498:1-499:2]

4. What is symbolized by the dragon of Revelation 12? The leopard-like beast of chapter 13? At what point is the lamblike beast introduced? In what two features does the latter differ from those preceding it, and the beasts seen by Daniel? 438:2-440:1 [500:3- 502:2]

5. How is the United States indicated by (1) the time, (2) the manner of its rise, (3) its location, (4) the two horns? 440:2-441:1 [502:3-503:1]

6. What striking difference is seen between the appearance of the beast as it was seen coming up, and in its later utterances? What is thus implied regarding the role of the United States in the latter days? Compare Revelation 5:12 and 12:9. 441:2-443:1 [505:1-506:1]

7. What led the early church to seek the support of the secular power? What church was thus formed, and how did she use the

secular power? 443:2-4 [506:2-4]

8. What early conditions preceded the union of church and state? What scriptures indicate that similar conditions in the churches of today will produce similar results? 443:5-444:1 [506:5-507:1]

9. Upon what conditions may the diversified Protestant churches unite to influence the State to legislate in their behalf? When the State shall yield to their demands, what will be the result? 444:2- 445:1 [507:2-508:1]

10. How is the message of the third angel shown to be a warning against yielding to what is to be demanded by the “beast” or its “image”? How is it evident that this demand is something contrary to God’s commandments? 445:2-446:1 [508:2-509:3]

11. Which commandment has been intentionally and deliberately changed? In the light of the first message, why is this commandment of vital importance? 446:1-3 [509:1-3]

12. What words of Christ disprove the claim that He changed the Sabbath? What is the claim of the Catholic Church regarding the change, and how do their members look upon the Protestant acceptance of that change? 447:1-448:3 [510:1-512:1]

13. Not until what time and under what circumstances will men receive “the mark of the beast”? Can there be a neutral position in the final issue? 449:1-450:1 [512:2-513:2]