3 – An Era of Spiritual Darkness


Chapter Study Questions

1. Following every regeneration, either of an individual or of a church, comes the peril of degeneration. The history of the conflict over human lives has ever been like that of Israel, as stated in Judges 2:7-19. The converse is also true, that in the hour of deepest spiritual darkness, God kindles a new light to illuminate that darkness.

2. Compare the steps of individual apostasy with those in the apostasy of the early church. The first digressions were almost imperceptible. 49:2 [55:2] how carefully should we guard against the beginnings of compromise that tend to lower the standard of God’s perfect pattern:

3. Satan recognizes the power of God’s word, “the detector of error.” 51:3 [57:3] Whenever and wherever he cannot keep men from possessing the Scriptures, in what ways does he work to keep men from receiving their power? Note the force of the climactic sentence at the end of the chapter, and compare with 526:1 and 595:2 [597:3 and 671:2]

4. What false conception of the Sabbath was held by the Jews, and to what did it lead? 52:2 [58:3]. Does this suggest the necessity of giving diligent heed to the means by which Sabbathkeeping may be made a Joy and delight, as indicated in Isaiah 58:13?

5. By what means were the “conflicting claims of heathenism and Christianity united”? 53:1, 2 [59:1, 2] Note the working of the same factors today. 573:1 [647:1]