31 – Agency of Evil Spirits


Chapter Study Questions

1. What is the evidence for the existence of angels before the creation of man? What is said of their number? What instances are recorded of their power? 511:1-3 [581:1-582:1]

2. To whom were they sent on messages of mercy? 512:1 [582:2] 3. What do we know regarding the ministry of the guardian angels? 512:2 [583:1]

4. Why is such grace and protection needed by the children of God? 513:1 [583:2]

5. What is the origin of the evil spirits, or angels? At what period were they especially active, and why? 513:2,3 [583:3-584:1]

6. Describe the encounter of Christ with a “legion” of these evil spirits. What benefits resulted from this conflict? 514:1-515:1 [584:2-585:2]

7. On what other occasions did Christ bring deliverance to those under the power of unclean spirits? 515:2 [585:3]

8. What instances show that the victims of demon possession were not always great sufferers? 516:1 [586:1]

9. What class of people are in the greatest danger from the agency of evil spirits? 516:2-517:1 [586:2-587:1]

10. What precious promises are given for the assurance of Christ’s followers? 517:2 [587:2]