32 – Snares of Satan


Chapter Study Questions

1. What is Satan’s great objective as the conflict nears its close? Over whom is he most concerned? 518:1,2 [589:1,2]

2. What plans does he lay to nullify the efforts of God’s ministers? 518:3-519:1 [590:1,2;]

3. How do fault-finders serve his purpose? When are they especially diligent? 519:2, 3 [590:3-591:1]

4. How does Satan plan to introduce heresies among church members from within? In what popular liberal teaching is there grave danger? Why? 520:1, 2 [591:2, 3]

5. What wrong motive in the study of Scripture has led to dis- cord and confusion? How are Bible passages often misinterpreted? 520:3-521:1 [591:4-592:1]

6. Under what conditions is Bible study positively dangerous? What is the result of withholding or not studying certain portions of the Scriptures? 521:2 [592:2]

7. What portions of the Bible are so clear that they may be un- [61] derstood by all? What hope is held out for every honest soul? 521:3; 526:2; 528:2 [592:3; 598:1; 599:5]

8. How does “Liberalism” contribute to lawlessness? How has scientific research led to skepticism? Is there real contradiction be- tween science and the Bible? 522:1-4 [593:1-4]

9. What should be our attitude towar2d unrevealed mysteries, beyond finite comprehension? 523:1; 527:1,2 [594:1; 598:2-599:1]

10. What class of Bible readers have “no shield from delusion”? 523:2 [595-1]
11. List five common errors, with reasons why they are dangerous. 524:1-525:2 [595:2-596:4]

12. What is the usual course of those who wilfully reject one principle of truth? What plausible reason have many infidels for their unbelief? 525:3,4 [597:1,2]

13. How are others by their own attitude led to infidelity? (Four classes) 526:1 [597:3]

14. What is the real cause for distrusting God? What is necessary for the maintenance of saving faith? 527:3-528:1 [599:2-4]

15. Why does God not shield His people from Satan’s temptations? How may temptation be successfully overcome?

When was Israel safe from Balaam’s attempt to curse them, and what wrought their downfall? 528:3-530:2 [600:1-601:3]