33 – The First Great Deception


Chapter Study Questions

1. What motives led Satan to tempt our first parents? How might Eve have been saved from his wiles? What false hope was held out to her that led her to yield? 531:1-532:1 [603:1-604:2]

2. How did the results of disobedience to God prove Satan’s assurance to be false? 532:2,3 [604:2-605:1]

3. What was forfeited by transgression, and how may it be received? 533:1 [605:1]

4. How does popular theology echo the words of the tempter in Eden? How has Satan thus led to the maligning of God’s character? 533:2-536:3 [605:3-608:3]

5. To what opposite extreme are some driven by the revolting doctrine of eternal torment? What illustration is given of the perversion of one text to teach this error? 537:1-539:1 [609:1-611:1]

6. What erroneous teaching has been responsible for many suicides? What scriptures clearly teach that unrepentant sinners will not inherit the kingdom of God? 539:2-541:2 [611:2-613:1]

7. Why cannot a service prompted by fear of God’s vengeance be acceptable to Him? 541:3,4 [613:2,3]

8. How can it be shown that it is just and merciful for God to [64] exclude impenitent sinners from heaven? 542:1-543:3 [614:1-615:3]

9. How is the second death distinguished from the first (1) in point of time, (2) in its duration? 544:1-545:1 [615:4-616:1]

10. How may the theory of consciousness in death be shown to be revolting in its implications both as to the righteous and to the unrighteous? What is the testimony of Scripture? 545:2-546:3 [616:2-618:2]

11. What observations regarding popular belief about man’s condition in death were made by Tyndale and Dr. Adam Clark? How is the doctrine of the resurrection nullified? 547:1-3 [618:3-619:1]

12. To what time do the Scriptures point for the entrance of the righteous into the happiness of heaven? What must precede the bestowal of rewards or punishments? 548:1-549:1 [619:2-620:2]

13. How did the doctrine of natural immortality find its way into the Christian church? What was Luther’s teaching regarding the question? 549:2 [62O:3]

14. How are the death and the resurrection of the righteous related? Could God’s plan for them be bettered? 449:1 [621:1]