35 – Liberty of Conscience Threatened


Chapter Study Questions

1. How has the “liberal” movement in the Protestant churches affected their relation to Roman Catholicism? Are there just grounds for the claim that the Roman church is more tolerant at heart than during the dark ages? 563:1-565:2; 571:1-4 [637:1-639:2; 645:1-4]

2. What distinction should be made between the individual mem- ber of the Roman church and the system itself? What is the objective of the Church, and what may be seen that indicates progress toward this aim? 567:2,3 [639:2,3]

3. What features of worship constitute a strong appeal to the senses? How may they be so emphasized as to be a substitute for true heart worship?566:2-567:2 [640:2-641:2]

4. What are the objectionable features of the doctrine of the confessional? 567:3 [641:3]

5. What parallel is drawn between the Church of Rome and the Jewish church in the days of Christ? 568:1-3 [642:4-3]

6. What element of his own character has Satan led men to attribute to God? How did this false conception of God lead to cruel practices among the heathen? In what ways has it been manifest in the Roman Catholic Church? 569:1-570:2 [643:1-644:2]

7. Why is not the greater light and increased knowledge of our time a reason for assurance that the days of superstition and igno- rance and intolerance are in the past? 572:1-3 [646:1-3]

8. In what way have Protestants followed in the steps of Rome? When was the first Sunday law enacted, and who were exempted from its provisions? 573:1-574:1 [647:1-648:1]

9. Trace the steps further taken in the exaltation of Sunday? 574:2-577:1 [648:2-651:1]

10. What evidence have we that the change of the Sabbath was a deliberate act of the church with no Scriptural authority? How do the Sabbath keeping Abysinnians prove that the Sabbath was kept for centuries after Christ? 577:2-578:1 [651:2-659:1]

11. What scriptures foretell the revival of world-wide Sunday laws and of persecution? 578:2-579:1 [652:2-653:1]

12. For what step is Rome waiting to establish her power in the United States? How is she preparing for the opportunity thus afforded? 580:1-581:2 [654:1-652:2]