36 – The Impending Conflict


Chapter Study Questions

1. What main issue of the age-long conflict between Christ and Satan is the subject of the final controversy? What concepts are held by many that place them on the wrong side? 582:1-583:1 [657:1- 658:2]

2. Why is the doctrine that God’s law is no longer binding upon man (1) opposed to reason, (2) pernicious in its results? 584:1-585:1 [659:1-660:2]

3. What present day evils may be noted as the logical result of the teaching that men are released from obeying God’s law? 585:2- 586:1 [660:3-661:1]

4. Whenever or wherever the Bible can no longer be suppressed, and religious liberty prevails, how does Satan seek to effect what he formerly accomplished through ignorance and persecution? How has rejection of the truth regarding the Sabbath led to lawlessness? 586:2 [661:2]

5. What is given by some teachers of antinomianism as the rea- son for the prevailing iniquity, and what is proposed by them as a remedy? What should be our attitude toward temperance reform? 587:1 [662:1]

“Every true reform has its place in the work of the third angel’s message. Especially does the temperance reform demand our at- tention and support.” “The Women’s Christian Temperance Union is an organization with whose efforts for the spread of temperance principles we can heartily unite. The light has been given me that we are not to stand aloof from them, but while there is to be no sacrifice of principle on our part, as far as possible we are to unite

with them in laboring for temperance reforms.”—“Testimonies for the Church,” Vol. 6, p. 110; “Counsels on Health,” p. 436.

6. Upon what two fundamental errors will nominal Christendom unite? What threefold union will result, and of what will this be a sign? 588:1 [663:1] See also “Testimonies for the Church,” Vol. 5, p. 451.

7. What role is played by Spiritualism in effecting the union of Protestantism and Catholicism? 588:2-589:1 [663:2-664:1]

8. To what extent is Satan responsible for earthquakes and other elemental disasters? Why do they increase in frequence and sever- ity? What false reason will be given for these evils? 589:2-590:1[664:2-665:2]

9. How will indignation be aroused against Sabbathkeepers, through Spiritualism? What methods used by Satan in the beginning of the controversy against God will be repeated against the remnant? 590:2-591:1 [666:1,2]

10. Contrast God’s methods and Satan’s for securing allegiance. How will this affect those who cannot be persuaded to disobey God? 591:2-592:3 [666:3-667:3]