37 – The Scriptures a Safeguard


Chapter Study Questions

1. What conditions in the last days make the study of God’s

word more important than ever before? 593:1,2 [669:1-670:1]

2. Why were the disciples unprepared for the death of Christ? What is the lesson for us? How will the masses of the people relate themselves to the final message? 594:1-595:1 [670:1-671:1]

3. How has Satan used religious leaders to keep the people from investigating God’s word? How did Christ teach individual respon- sibility in searching the Scriptures? 595:2-596:4 [671:2-672:4]

4. When is ignorance no protection from punishment of sin? To what extent are men responsible for a knowledge of God’s word? 597:2-598:2 [674:1-675:1]

5. What rule of Bible interpretation would keep one from fatal deception? In what spirit should the deep problems of the Bible be approached? What is more important than the power of intellect?599:1,2 [675:3-676:1]

6. What may the prayerful student of God’s word expect to re- ceive? What promise of Christ is conditional upon storing the word of God in the mind? 599:3-600:1 [676:1,2]

7. Note other reasons for intensive Bible study: (1) as a safe- guard against prevalent infidelity; (2) as a preparation of heart to pass the test of the judgment; (3) to promote fruit bearing in the life; (4) to strengthen the soul for times of persecution.600:2-602:1 [678:1-679:1]

8. What Joy will come to the man who finds true wisdom in the word of God? 602:2,3 [679:2,3]