38 – The Final Warning


Chapter Study Questions

1. What is the relation of the message of Rev. 18:1-4 to the former similar message found in chapter 14:6,7? 603:1-604:1; 611:1 [681:1-682:1; 690:1]

2. State the fearful issue to which the world is now brought. Who only will finally receive the mark of the beast? 604:2-605:2 [682:2-683:3]

3. How will the agitation of Sunday laws give added power to the third message? 605:3 [683:4]

4. How is the attitude of reformers toward sinners often changed as the Spirit of God takes possession of them? What three evils are to be unmasked in the final warning? What results follow? How will persecution affect the spread of the message? 606:1-607:1 [685:1- 686:1]

5. In what ways will the faith of God’s servants be tried? Who will become the most bitter in opposition to the truth? 608:1-3 [686:2-687:2]

6. The insistence upon what vital test of truth has always resulted [70] in opposition? Show that the restoration of primitive truth has been progressive. What enables God’s servants to endure the increasing severity of the persecution? 609:1-610:1 [688:1,2]

7. May we hope for a cessation of persecution before God’s work shall be finished? How has God used statesmen to hold in check the powers of evil? How will some of these be rewarded? 610:2,3 [689:1,2]

8. What Scriptures, beginning to be fulfilled at Pentecost, give assurance of the mighty power of the Holy Spirit in the closing work? 611:2,3 [690:2-691:1]

9. Through what means will God marvelously finish His work? 612:1,2 [691:2,3]