39 – The Time of Trouble


Chapter Study Questions

1. What does the standing up of Michael mean to (1) the guilty;

(2) God’s people; (3) the angels of heaven; (4) Christ?

How will Satan’s unrestrained power then be manifest? 613:1- 614:1 [693:1-694:1] 2. What have evil angels been waiting for permission to do? What effect will the withdrawal of God’s re- straining Spirit have upon the opposing forces? How will Sabbath keepers then be regarded? What decree will be issued against them? 614:2-615:2 [694:2-695:2]

3. What was the greatest occasion for Jacob’s soul anguish in his night of wrestling? While hoping only in God, what had he done for himself? What is the lesson in this for us today? 616:1,2 [697:1,2]

4. What other parallels are there between Jacob’s experience at that time and that of God’s people during the time of trouble? 616:3-619:1 [697:3-700:1]

5. What occasion for self-reproach will add to the distress of the saints? What have they done that keeps their faith from failing? 619:2-620:1 [700:2-701:1]

6. The acceptance of what deception of Satan will prove fatal to many? Why can God not pardon the sins confessed during the time of trouble? What will the trial of their faith do for the children of God? 620:2-621:1 [701:2-4]

7. How should God’s people now be seeking a preparation for the time of trouble? What lessons learned beforehand may lessen the trials of that time? What attitude on the part of the youth would

keep them from sin? 621:2-622:3 [702:1-703:2]

8. What will hinder many from obtaining the preparation needed? What was the secret of Christ’s ability to live above sin? What help is promised to everyone who strives to overcome? 622:4- 623:2 [703:3-704:1]

9. In what ways will Spiritualism now manifest its power? What will be the crowning act in the drama of deception? Why will none of God’s people be misled in this crisis? 624:1-625:3 [704:3-706:1]

10. What varying experiences of deeper trial now come to the commandment-keepers? What thoughts will bring them comfort and assurance? 626:1-627:1 [706:2-707:3]

11. What is God’s “strange act”? Of what terrible crime has the world in reality become guilty? What distinguishes the final judg- ments from those of all previous time? 627:2-629:1 [707:4-710:2]

12. What provision will God make for the temporal needs of His people? What part will heavenly angels act in protecting them? 629:2-631:1 [710:3-712:2]

13. In what various ways have angels wrought in times past in behalf of God’s people? 631:2-632:1 [712:3-713:2]

14. How will the watchmen encourage their fellow-sufferers? What assurance will come from heaven? In times past God has permitted many of his saints to suffer martyrdom:why will they be protected in the final issue? 632:2-633:1 [713:3-715:1]