41 – Desolation of the Earth


Chapter Study Questions

1. What Judgments are predicted for Babylon? 653:1-3 [735:1-736:1]

2. What terrible remorse now seizes the rejectors of God’s mercy? How does this differ from repentance for sin? 654:1,2 [736:2,3]

3. How are the false shepherds especially punished? 654:4-655:4 [737:1-738:1]

4. As the six thousand year controversy now reaches its climax, who are included with Satan and his rebellious followers? What is the result to them? 656:1-657:2 [738:2-739:2]

5. To what condition is the earth reduced? What is the “bottomless pit” and in what sense is Satan bound? 658:3-660:2 [740:1- 742:2]

6. What will be the special work of the saints during the thousand years? At the close of this period what will take place? 660:4-661:2 [742:4-743:2]