5 – John Wycliffe


Chapter Study Questions

1. Memorize 94:2 [105:2] or the essential portion of the paragraph.

Note.—”The entrance of Thy words giveth light.” Psalm 119:130. It was after the taking away of the Bible from the common people, and the substitution of human authority for that of God’s word, that the world entered the Dark Ages. We begin now to trace the restoration of the Book and the consequent enlightenment increasing in brightness till the great Reformation. Observe how, in the story of Wycliffe, the author exalts the Scriptures as the source of his power and the cause for the results of his efforts.

2. Was Wycliffe’s work weakened or strengthened by his liberal education? Give as many reasons for your conclusion as you can find, noting especially 80:2; 81:1; 84:3; 87:2 [90:3; 91:2; 95:3; 98:2]

Note.—The disciples whom Jesus called were mostly men of limited education. We do well to remember constantly that the power of the Spirit resting upon consecrated, humble men is more effective for God than mere learning.

3. What qualifications do we find in Wycliffe that contributed to his remarkable success as a leader? 81:2; 94:1 [91:3; 105:1]

4. What were two distinctive doctrines of Protestantism. 89:1; 93:3 [100:1; 104:3]

5. What official positions did Wycliffe hold? 82:1; 84:3; 85:2 [93:1; 95:3; 96:2]

6. Against what two abuses were his first protests directed? 82:1, 2 [93:1, 2]

7. How did Wycliffe organize a “layman’s movement,” and with what success? 87:2; 88:3; 89:1 [98:1; 99:3; 100:1]

8. On what two occasions did the death of a prominent man save him in a time of crisis? 85:3; 86:1 [96:3; 97:1]

9. Before what four tribunals was Wycliffe summoned, and with what outcome on each occasion? 85:3; 89:3; 90:3 [96:3; 100:3; 101:2]

10. What was the crowning work of Wycliffe, and what was his most effective weapon against error? 88:1, 2 [99:1, 2]

11. What was the future of the movement in England which started under his leadership? 94:3; 95:2 [106:1, 2]

Note.—Helpful lessons for our own work may be drawn from the influence of the publications issued by Wycliffe. It was thus that his testimony was most quickly and widely disseminated.