Chapter Study Questions

1. As the wicked are raised at the end of the thousand years, what scene meets their eye? What do they say? Why should they not have a second probation? Where does the New Jerusalem rest? 662:1-3 [745:1-746:1]

2. What does Satan now hope to accomplish? By what deceptive claims does he secure the confidence of his followers? What con-ditions seem to give hope to their efforts? 663:1-664:2 [646:2-647:1]

3. As the evil hosts surround the city, what scene of glory appears to them? Who of the redeemed are nearest to the throne? What is the burden of the song of the redeemed? 664:3-665:3 [747:3-748:3]

4. What ceremony takes place in the sight of all? Before the execution of the Judgment upon the wicked, how are they made to realize that their sentence is just? 666:1,2 [749:1,2]

5. What striking scenes are now reenacted in panoramic form? How will each actor be made conscious of the result of his wrong course? 666:3-667:1 [749:3-751:2]

6. How will they then view their refusal to accept the gospel when it was offered to them? What acknowledgment is forced from their lips? 668:3,4 [751:3,4]

7. What memories come to Satan as he views these scenes? 669:1,2 [752:1,2]

8. How is Satan now regarded, as his falsehoods are unmasked? What is he constrained to do at the last? 670:1,2 [753:1,2]

9. What are all creatures in the universe now ready to declare? What declaration does Christ make regarding the redeemed, and what is their responsive song? 670:3-671:1 [753:3-754:1]

10. How does Satan reveal that his character is unchanged? How do his followers respond to his final attempt to lead them? 671:1 [754:2]

11. By what means are sin and sinners to be finally destroyed? What is the experience of the saints during this destruction? 672:1- 673:2 [755:1-756:3]

12. What two fold work is accomplished by the fire from heaven? What single reminder of sin will ever remain? How complete has now been the work of restoration of that which was lost? 674:1-3[757:1-3]

13. What is the nature of the saints’ inheritance? What earthly experiences will be missing? How will the saints occupy their time? 674:4-678:2 [758:1-762:2]

14. What great truth regarding the character of God is forever established throughout the universe? 678:3 [762:3]